Meeting Minutess Updated

Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2008 unapproved draft meeting minutes

Redwood Empire Mastiff Club
General Meeting
April 20, 2008
Vallejo, California

Roll Call: 9:35 a.m.

Jann Lanz
Michelle & Aaron Holstein
Monica Coyle
Laura Watson
Frauzon Zekria
Cynthia Boe
Loren Boe
Joanne Williams
Toni Hyland
Susan Fry
Chuck Bona
Sheri Bona
Elena Herrera
Margo Lauritsen
Eric Lauritsen

Minutes of the last meeting:

Read by the Recording Secretary Sheri Bona

Minutes Approved:  Monica Coyle 1st, Jann Lanz 2nd.

Report of the President: 

We are putting together a basket for the Mastiff Club of America Specialty.  We will pass the hat for cash donations towards the gas card to put into the basket.

Report of the Secretary:


Report of the Treasurer:

Account Balance:  $2,400.00

We are still trying to obtain a Wells Fargo Grant for Rescue.  That is still pending.

Vote to approve:  Diane Collings 1st, Joanne Williams 2nd.

Reports of Committees:

Specialty 2008

Grounds:  Eric Lauritsen

Trophies:  BOB: Nancy Harvey and Jerry Harvey (Strider)

Best Veteran:  Toni Hyland and Joanne Williams (Cracker)

                   BOS, BOW, Best Puppy

                   Challenge Trophy & Small Bowl

Judges approved:  Holly Scott


DVD PowerPoint on Breed Standard:  $25.00

Spring Fun Match:

Joanne Williams & Toni Hyland are researching show sites

Sheri Bona & Sharon Freeman are planning food, games and prizes

Election of New Officers: 

Susan Fry

Stands as is.

Election of New Members:

2nd Reading:  Michelle & Aaron Holstein (Gracie)

Sponsored by Loren and Cynthia Boe


1st Reading:   Heather & Sabin Moreno (Kuruk)

                        Sponsored by:  Sarah Childs and Don Meyers

Unfinished Business:

MCOA Basket Donations

Hand painted Basket:  Nancy Harvey

4 bottles of “dog” wine, California Candy, etc./Toni Hyland and Joanne Williams

Gas Card Total:  $450.00

New Business: 


Meeting Adjourned:

1ST Chuck Bona, 2nd Sheri Bona